Beginners Adult Swim Squad

NEW THIS September.
Venue: 315 Health Club, Lancaster
Time: Sundays 5.15pm – 6.15pm
Dates: 9th Sept – 11th Nov 2018
Cost: £110
This includes 1 coached session and two other sessions which are optional to complete within that week.
BEGINNERS SWIM SQUAD – If you can swim a continuous 100m freestyle and fancy developing your confidence in the water, your fitness, or open water skills, this is the squad for you.
Everyone is welcome to come and join us on Sunday evening for a friendly but focused beginners training squad.
If you are new to freestyle swimming, coming back from injury, or you can swim and just want to develop your confidence the squad will help support you with your swimming.
We will work through the 10 weeks looking at technique, open water skills and fitness. We will work on developing your freestyle and getting you prepared for your own personal goal, whether its for social reasons, racing or you fancy an adventure we will support you to achieve your dreams and goals.
The 10 weeks will be structured:
Week 1: Swim testing – As a line in the sand.
Week 2: Technique what do we need to work on.
Week 3: How to train effectively – This week will be short and fast.
Week 4:  Long and steady – Looking at pacing.
Week 5: Technique and open water
Week 6: Short and fast based on personal times.
Week 7: Long and steady based on personal times.
Week 8: Technique
Week 9: A little something special
Week 10: Re testing that Line in the sand.
You can swim the whole session or if you need to sit out at any point, it really does not matter. The objective here is to get you into the pool, enjoying your swimming and seeing your improvements. This is focused on the individual whilst training in a group environment.
Any questions please email: