CLUBS – Faults and Corrections Workshop

Faults and Corrections Workshop 

Venue: 315 Health Club, Lancaster.

Cost: £350

This is designed for a group of coaches to get together to develop their learning, understanding and expertise.

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£350 Plus travel 

Fa nd C 4 faults and correctionsDescription of the workshop: This course will take you though the common faults you will often see within the freestyle stroke. We look at identifying cause and effect before looking at methods to help correct our swimmers stroke.

Tutored by Emma Brunning Swim Smooth, BTF and ITU Coach, Tutor and Mentor.

Within these 5 hours you will get a unique insight into developing your personal skills and awareness as a coach, whilst starting the process of understanding stroke correction.

There will also be a live Video Analysis Stroke correction session. This will allow you to see everything covered during the workshop be put into practice.


This Workshop will cover:

–          Introduction and individuality.

–          Identifying what makes an efficient freestyle stroke.

–          Highlighting the common Faults often seen within a freestyle stroke.

–          Looking at cause and effect.

–          Identifying a flaw and correction methods.

–          Live Video analysis Correction session.

25 sec faster per 100m

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