Open Water Training Group

2016 Open Water Training Group

This 5 week course is designed for those either new to the open water or people with limited experience. Each week is 1 hour and 30 mins and we will progress through all the essential open water skills, drills and aspects of training you will need for your very first open water race / event. This is perfectly timed for those wishing to do the Great North Swim and have limited experience.

Starting May 12th – 6pm – 7.30pm for 5 weeks. 

Cost £85

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The session is a perfect opportunity to train in group conditions, improve your fitness, technique whilst developing your open water skills and confidence.

Each week will have a different focus and will progress from the week before.

It will involve open water skills as well as training in the environment.


More info to come.



Each session will have:

  • BCU Lifeguard – SESA – Safety Kayakers.
  • Safety Boat.
  • British Triathlon Coach.
  • Measured, marked course.

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