Video Analysis

Video Analysis Consultation.

Duration: 75 – 90 mins

Cost: £115

Video Analysis Dates are Live – Check out the page from the drop downs below. to book your dates.

 Video Analysis: UK Coaching Team.

This process of video analysis is aimed at all levels of freestyle swimmers. Whether you are looking to perfect your swimming stroke or wanting to identify aspects of your stroke that are holding you back.

Video Analysis - Perth

Video Analysis – Perth

Using high quality HD video footage you will have the opportunity to see yourself swim from above and below the water from many different angles.

The analyses of the footage will take place on poolside, identifying points in your stroke that are holding you back in the water. We will highlight drills, techniques and training methods that will help you move forward with your performance and improve your efficiency through the water.

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A screen shot – Identifying whats holding you back in the water. Here you can see the swimmer on the left putting the breaks on in the water with his hand, compared to the elite swimmer on the right.

Once we ascertain the areas required for development within your stroke, we will get back into the water and practice the drills and techniques required to make the improvements in your analysis feb 1st 009

At the end of the consultation, you will walk away with a DVD of your swim stoke and full analysis, along with an individualised development training plan and the drills you need to practise to help support your progression.

With such a process, we would recommend that you would only need 1 follow up session 8 – 12 weeks after your initial consultation.


UK – Cumbria 2014.

“Emma did in one hour what I have not managed in many hours of training and coaching, practising the wrong things. She did the important things in the first 2 minutes.I went from an asymmetrical one sided breather with a dropped left elbow and useless left arm pull to swimming  with a relaxed, symmetrical, high elbow, rythmical stroke, 3 seconds a length quicker, and it felt great. And she did it with a smile.”  Amazed Mike.  January, 2014.

Australia – Perth 2013.
“I would like to thank you for my swim smooth session when I came down to Perth for Mandurah 70.3 earlier this month.I had an amazing swim at the race!  I was able to post a 26:28 which was 5min faster than Austin 70.3 just 13 days earlier.  Must have been quite the session 🙂 I have been in the pool quite a bit over the last couple of weeks, focusing on the areas Emma suggested.  My swim has completely changed! I have found that I’m easily holding paces that I used to swim hard for! I have been reading the book I was given, a little bit, and I just can’t believe how amazing it is!  Its basically the swim bible!!! I defiantly believe the 2hr session I had with Emma was a complete game changer and I have no doubt I can get my swim down to the pro level” Brian, November, 2013.

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