12 hours in the water – swimming up stream – Raising money for those effected by the floods.


12 hours in the water – To raise money and support those effected by the floods.


As the North of the country is hit by some of the worst floods and storms it has ever experienced. Cumbria and Lancashire where Active Blu is based has been badly effected by high waters, destroyed roads and impassable bridges.


Most of the squad at Active Blu have been effected, with their homes and businesses damaged or destroyed and facing a lot of time re building or repairing their loses.


The Active Blu team wanted to do something to support the local community get back on their feet – So we have decided to do a 12 hour swim to show to show our support.


This will in no way be an easy option but not as hard as those effected by the floods. Check out what we are getting up to and pleased support us as much as you can. https://www.justgiving.com/Activeblu