Managing personal energy for you and your athletes



We are delighted to announce the launch of our very own Active Blu Coach Development Programme.

Over 2019 we will be bringing to you some great opportunities for you to develop your own practice. This is ideal for those coaches or practitioners wanting to develop their knowledge, experience and create strong networks across all fields of sport. We will be running courses and creating opportunities for you to develop and feel more confident in your chosen field of work, or practice.

Managing personal energy for you and your athletes – An essential topic for every coach to understand.


Audience: This programme is designed with coaches and practitioners in mind, but also open to athletes, students and the public that are keen to understand more about energy and how to protect it.

Facilitators: Jane Senior and Emma Brunning

Date: 19thJan 2019

Time: 10 – 4pm

Venue: 315 Health Club, Lancaster

Cost: £65 – Sign Up NOW

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 We are remarkable, but we are only good as long as our energy lasts…..Its time to protect our future, this one day clinic offers a great opportunity to learn about yourself, how to manage your own energy and that of others.

 The world is fast moving; with new technology, amazing opportunities, juggling family, training, jobs and much more. Although this is all very enticing and fun, it can often create unsustainable demands on us.  This is where we really need to manage our energy source and make sure we are not heading to energy crisis.

 As coaches/ practitioners we have a responsibility to understand how to support our athletes in a way that enables them to do what they are passionate about with out leading to a long term energy issues. This one day course is all about understanding your stresses and triggers, whilst learning how to take charge and manage our energy in a productive way. This will transform your coaching to the next level, by not only supporting your long term health, but that of your athletes. Its time we take charge!

The workshop will enable you to walk away with some useful tools for you and your athletes / clients, which will create higher levels of awareness and energy management. It will create better understanding about the triggers and most importantly making sure we do not get into an energy crisis.

 It is shown that research and experience has lead us to believe that those individuals who take the time to ‘get off the conveyor belt’ and explore their energy management go on to lead fulfilling lives in a far more resilient and self-sustaining way. Through a series of activities and discussions, individuals are encouraged to engage with and explore their energy patterns & create an action plan and support process for successfully deploying it in the future.

Exploring the following process with the support of professional facilitators individuals can:

  •  Understand energy types & how to harness them effectively
  • Recognise that energy comes from a clear sense of purpose
  • Identify when they reach the ‘red line’ on their energy capacity
  • Utilise an energy management mindset to make conscious decisions

The Days Overview:

 Introduction and check in

 What attracted you to attend this workshop

What is your experience of working with personal energy management

Introduction to the evolve model we will be working though. Can be used to work with individuals or teams.  Personal Energy Management.

Understanding Personal Energy

 Physical activity: Take a moment to connect with your energy.

 Introduce the concept of the personal energy.

What energies you?

What depletes you?

Introduce the different energy types.

Intensity levels and choice about how much energy to use.


Supporting Others to Manage their Energy – How to we support our athletes and          clients?

Feedback on the workshop


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