Too Shy to Tri….

Too Shy to Tri !!!!

A little something from Maria – Sharing her experience and inspiring others to give it a go…


If I could have seen myself swimming 200 metres and then ripping off my wet suit to run 2km around Brockhole, I would never have believed it was me…. and just 2 weeks later find myself doing a 300m swim followed by a 3k run. But of course it was me and I was taking part in the Auathlon series organised by Emma at Active Blu. And now I find myself looking forward to the next Aquathlon, 400m swim and 4k run and it feels brilliant


Ruth and Maria – 2014 post event.

So would you believe it if I told you just 3 years ago I could barely put my head under the water let alone attempt a freestyle stroke, and regarding running, it was so long ago it hurts my brain to even begin to remember.


Active Blu Open Water Venue – Windermere.

With that said, from a true novice, I would just like to say that if you can see a glimpse of yourself anywhere in this, then definitely give it a go. I really did feel that I would never be able to do it and also felt that it would only be for the super fit and competitive. All I can say is that with the support and encouragement of Emma at Active Blu I gave it a Tri and felt such a massive feeling of achievment. I have even managed a few extra little runs and might just see myself getting into this multi-event malarky. Thank you Emma for all your support and encouragement.Loving it!!


Introducing the Active Blu Training 1 mile timed swims.

It has been amazing to see the amount of motivated and enthusiastic swimmers taking to the open water this year. As a coach I hear all sorts of inspiring stories and tales about the next big challenge individuals and groups are training for.


On the Thursday Night Open Water Training session, the group consists a full range of abilities, from freestyle swimmers looking to improve their times, to breastroke swimmers coming for a social. What ever your goal or reason for coming, it has been truly inspiring to hear you stories and help support your goals.

The Active Blu 1 Mile Series proved to be such a success last year that we start again on the 11th July 2013. This will run along side the normal training group and is open to anyone interested in monitoring their progress over the rest of the session.


The first Evening is the 11th July. Please register at 6pm for a 6.30pm start.

Cost: £5.

Venue: Brockhole

Level of Swimmer: Everyone that is confident in the open water is welcome.

 More Importantly after each of these events we have a social. It is an opportunity to bring your own food, ask any questions you may have, plan your next big challenge and generally just enjoy the beautiful views.

For more information, please feel free to email me:

I look forward to seeing you soon.



Pool Swimming Open Day – Bring your Bathers

May the 26th 10.00am – 4pm  – 315 Health Club Lancaster.

Open Day – Event is FREE

Emma Brunning from Active Blu and certified Swim Smooth coach will give be at hand to give you tips, advice and an opportunity to get involved in a live swim session. Identifying Pool and Open Water Swim techniques and what may be holding you back

. Bring your Swim Kit.

10.00am – 11.00amBreakfast with Coach Emma. Top coaching advice for Open Water swimmers and Triathletes. An opportunities to ask all those questions and look at the new Squads and Video Analysis Available at the pool.

11.15 – 11.45amSwim Squad – Get involved in a real squad situation. – Aimed at adult freestyle swimmers – Time to raise those heart rates and experience an endurance Swim Session.

11.45 – 12.15 – Questions and answer sessions in the lounge.

13.00 – 14.00Live Video Analysis session. Coach Emma will Take you through the process of stroke correction. This is your opportunity to see a live session. See how the analysis works and the difference it makes to the swimmer. 

14.00 – 14.30Questions regarding Video Analysis.

15.00 – 15.30 An opportunity to take part in a pool – Open Water Skills Session. 3 Lanes.

15.30 – 16.00 – Any further questions in the lounge.

You are welcome to come to some of all of these sessions…..A great opportunity to find out more about your swimming!

Announcing Swim Smooth / Triathlon England Open Water Training Days This Summer

Swim Smooth are very proud to announce that we have been selected by Triathlon England to operate a series of Open Water Swimming Training Days in England this summer.

Each course will be run by our Swim Smooth Coaches at venues throughout England over the summer months. There are two variations:

1) A novice course to get you into open water for the first time and develop the skills and techniques you need to swim comfortably and effectively in the great outdoors.

2) A more advanced session for those accustomed to swimming in open water but looking to improve their skills such as sighting, drafting and turning to improve their race performances.

Bookings for these days are being taken by Triathlon England (not Swim Smooth). For full information and to sign up, see the Triathlon England website:
(please don’t hesitate to book up, we are expecting the days to fill up in just a few hours following this announcement)

Don’t worry if there isn’t an event local to you yet, further venues are being finalised by Triathlon England and will be announced shortly on that webpage.

We very much look forward to working with you soon and sprinkling a little Swim Smooth magic on your open water swimming!

Swim Smooth!

Thursday Night Open Water Training Starts – 16th May 2013

16th May 2013 – Thursday Night Open Water Training Starts.

With the success of last years Thursday Nights Open Water Training, we are expecting more people taking to the water over the course of this season.
 The Active Blu Team endeavour to make this years session is even more accessible and useful for everyone coming to train with us.
Fresh Back from the Summer and Race season in Perth, Australia, Newly certified Swim Smooth Coach, Emma will be leading the session with top tips on open water drills, Skills and coaching.
This session is open to everyone that is confident in the open water – Whether you are a seasoned Open Water Swimmer or Triathlete wanting a hard training session, or you just want a social experience in a safe open water environment this session will be ideal for you.
The training will Take place from the Jetty at Brockhole –  The Lake District National Park Visitor Centre:
What you need and what to expect: 
  • You need to join Active Blu – This £5 admin fee is so that we have all your personal details, you then receive a ID card as part of the Thursday Night Sign in Safety System. Please bring a photo.
  • All forms will be available from Active Blu Swim Base, located at the Jetty.
  • The training night is a Pay as you Go system, you do not need to book in. Just Turn up!!
  • You will pay £5 per session and you will receive:
 – Coaching Tips and helpful Hints.
 – Full Safety Cover with 6 – 8 Kayakers, Safety Boat, Shore Base Support and Coaches.
 – Marked and measured buoyed course.
 – Safe sign in and out system.
 – 1 hour of training in a safe and friendly environment.
 – Full access to showers
 – New this year – Cafe will be open late, to warm up after our training session.
 6.10pm – 6.20pm:  Coaching Tips and Questions. (Optional)
6.25pm – 6.30pm:  Safety Briefing – (Essential.)
6.30pm – 7.30pm – Open Water Training Session.
If you have last years ID card, Please bring this with you.
Also if you are unsure whether you should be attending, please feel free to


Certified Swim Smooth Coach – Emma – Returns home from Perth, Australia.


Emma has been out in Perth, Australia, training to be a certified Swim Smooth coach. After the initial training period she was invited to stay for 6 months and help coach the squads and run her own  video analysis sessions.

She has had the opportunity to coach and support athletes of all levels, from those completing their first open water swims, to those training for the Rottnest 20km Channel swim. Also training out in Perth were Pro athletes, Joel Jameson, Tom Lowe, Cat Jameson to mention a few, these athletes came to train in Perth to develop their swimming performance, race skills and of course miss the British winter.

Emma swam the Rottnest Channel on the 23rd Feb 2013, with the many hundreds of others that made the crossing and now heads back to the North West of England where she has an Open Water Swim Venue and runs squads, training sessions, clinics and video analysis for all abilities.

Please bear with me as I touch base, but I will be announcing dates within two weeks.

Please feel free to email to express an interest in any of the above.